Professional Mentoring & Coaching

With strong HR expertise, consulting background and extensive professional experience of working across corporate organisations in the UK, UAE & wider Middle East region, our Master Coach is well-positioned to support you in clarifying career aspirations and achieving life goals. We act as your trusted advisor and provide a safe, judgement-free environment to discuss your aspirations and address beliefs & negative emotions that may be posing a challenge.


We aim to empower you, guiding simple yet effective solutions to help you work towards short, mid and/or long term goals and drive positive transformation at the conscious and sub-conscious level of the mind. Our coaching & mentoring sessions occur on weekly or bi-weekly basis and typically last for 60 minutes. During the sessions, we aim to support you with the following but not limited to:

  • Clarifying career goals

  • Addressing areas of development at both professional & personal level 

  • Making work & life transitions

  • Increasing readiness for career moves/promotions

  • Developing workplace resilience

  • Creating work-life balance

  • Navigating through corporate politics

  • Gaining leadership/management mastery

  • Time management

  • Planning & organizing  


Our coaching & mentoring relationships are based on teamwork and mutual respect for maximum impact.

sabahat ahmed 
transformational life coach

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

Presentation and public speaking have always been considered critical for networking and business interactions but not everyone is fond of facing the audience. Now, as the whole world is adjusting to the 'new normal', there is an even more dire need for good presentation skills when most of the interactions are being conducted through virtual mediums. Facing the camera and the online audience may also be as daunting as in real life.  The phenomenon called "Stage Fright" is real and to some, the fear of presenting can cause a great deal of anxiety even to the extent of having blackouts, palpitations, sweating, slurred speech, jerky body language and other similar symptoms.   

Just like with any other type of fear, CAM therapies such as NLP & Hypnotherapy are very effective in tackling the fear of presenting. At Ashmir, this is coupled with our professional corporate experience that can equip you with the right attitude, right body language and  the right level of confidence to face the audience. 


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