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What is a life coach? How can a life coach benefit me?

A ‘life coach’ is someone who is trained to help you see clearly where you are today, then find ways to move forward towards your goals. They do not tell you what to do, they help you discover what it is you want to do.

Who can benefit from life coaching?

Anyone who wishes to make a quantum shift in their life in order to gain a more confident and stable way of living. Anyone who is stuck at any point in life and looking to seek clarity and direction for the way forward.

How is life coaching different from counseling?

Counseling provides a safe and supportive system to help you gain the strength and clarity to cope with the current issues. Counselors like life coaches want to help you find and create a life you feel better about by providing an atmosphere of trust, non judgement and support but there are crucial differences such as:

  • Life coaching works at conscious level of the mind and is action orientated vs counselling focuses on coping with the situation

  • Life coaches want to help you recognize what you think vs counsellors also want to help you realize how you feel

  • Life coaching helps you set and achieve goals vs counselling helps you recognise and solve your problems in life.

  • A life coach has the job to challenge you frequently vs a counsellor is there to support you with empathy and understanding

  • Life coaches focus exclusively on the past, present and future vs some counsellors focus mostly on the past and the present

  • A life coach is focused on your potential vs a counsellor is focused on helping you be at peace with yourself and your life

  • Life coaches are trained in helping clients move forward in life vs counsellors are also trained in human development, family dynamics and mental health conditions (Source: Harley Therapy, 2017)

What is hypnotherapy? How can it benefit me?

Hypnotherapy is a technique that is used to create a relaxed sleep-like state of mind (theta state) during which positive suggestions and guided imagery can be well received to help you deal with a variety of concerns, issues and habits you want to change. You are completely in control when under hypnosis and don't have to take on any suggestions if you don't want to. A normal human being goes through hypnosis at least twice a day just before s/he fall asleep and just when s/he about to wake up. These are also known as power states in which the subconscious mind is most receptive to positive suggestions.

What does NLP stand for?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, it is the language of your mind. NLP has no formal induction and both conscious & unconscious mind is involved. NLP is extremely useful for rapid transformation and works particularly well in removing anxiety, fears, phobias and limiting beliefs. NLP helps you to have control over feelings, emotions and behaviours and is based on the following presuppositions:

  • Respect for all others

  • The meaning of the communication is not simply what you intend, but also the response that you get

  • The mind and body affect each other

  • People respond to their experience, not to reality itself. The map is not the territory

  • Every behaviour has a positive intention. Everyone is doing the best that they can with the resources they have available. People make the best choice they can at the time

  • Behaviour is geared towards adaptation

  • Accept the person; change the behaviour

  • Behaviour and change are to be evaluated in terms of context and ecology

  • People have all the resources that they need to make the changes that they want. We already have all the resources we need or we can create them. There are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states

  • Possible in the world and possible for me is only a matter of how

  • The system (person) with the most flexibility (choices) of behaviour will have the most influence on the system

  • There is no failure, only feedback

  • There are no resistant clients, only inflexible communicators

  • Having choice is better than not having choice

What does a typical life coaching session look like?

Life coaching sessions will typically last between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. During the initial session, we gather information through asking focused questions then, work with you to establish goals and challenge you to reflect upon certain ideas you have to help you move forward with your life. You will never be forced to make any decisions you don't feel comfortable with and all sessions will be confidential, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately in a safe space. We offer support and feedback to help you to stay focused on your goals and will occasionally set you tasks and objectives to work on outside of sessions.

What is NNRT and how does it help deal with trauma and other negative emotions?
Negative Neuropathway Reversal Therapy (NNRT) is a stand alone therapy that primarily uses bi-lateral eye movements and it can be used in tandem with Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Mindfulness. We guide the client to move their eyes in formulated sequences in order re-set the neuro pathways of the brain so that they then perceive the negative stimulus in a different light. It is proven to be very effective where neuro-pathways are firing and sending off negative messages and is used in the treatment of trauma, depression, PTSD, as well as almost any condition whereby you are ’ stuck’ or can't ‘let go’ or ‘move forward’. The Brain contributes to homeostasis by mediating complex functions through sensory input, integration of new and stored information, making decisions and signaling actions (Tortora & Grabowski) and NNRT works on many levels of the brain to facilitate this process.


Are there any contraindications to NNRT?

  • NNRT is effective in treating all emotional conditions and trauma such as mental abuse, anger, confidence building, fears & phobias, general anxiety disorders, insomnia, performance nerves, smoking cessation, sexual abuse/rape, weight loss. However in the following conditions NNRT will not be used:

  • Eye Pain – if the client has any eye pain, we will refer them back to the ophthalmologist / optician.

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse or Influence – In this case client will be referred to the AA / rehab programme

  • Epilepsy

  • Schizophrenia - Unless it has been treated and stabilized. Treatment will only be given under clinical supervision

  • Brain Damage

  • Suicidal Attempts/Thoughts

  • Clients with Secondary Gain Issues

  • Dissociative Disorder

What are my commitments?
Successful coaching requires a partnership between you and your coach. There are rewards and responsibilities on both sides. For a successful coaching relationship you must:

  • Show up to sessions on time

  • Be focused

  • Be honest and transparent

  • Seek clarification when required

  • Be coach able i. e. open and vulnerable and willing to consider ideas and do what is committed to be done

  • Focus on the positive

  • Be kind to oneself and more willing to try again or try something new

  • Be non-judgmental

  • Celebrate wins

  • Be responsible for your results

How soon can I see results?

People seek life coaching for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes our clients have specific concerns that they want to resolve, like losing weight, changing careers or developing healthier habits. Sometimes people come for life coaching because they want to feel happier, more productive or more in control of their lives. Most people get what they need out of working with a Life Coach between 4 - 12 sessions. People who are highly motivated “active learners” can go through the process more quickly.

Can life coaching work for children?

A parent is the best resource for kids when they are overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy. Where this is not possible, life coaching is a fantastic, strengths-based alternative for kids and teens. We focus on age-appropriate solutions. 10+ is an ideal age for us to work with kids to engage in life coaching.

What is a breakthrough session?

Break through sessions are structured specially to deal with intense issues such as overcoming smoking addictions. The breakthrough sessions are one to one usually over three-hour. We use a powerful combination of NLP, hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to destroy neurological pathways and re-programme your thought process. We identify your smoking triggers and address the cravings. We offer additional support through one hour complimentary top-up session plus phone, text or email support during the six months following the breakthrough session.

What is Virtual Gastric Banding?

Virtual gastric banding is a non surgical non invasive technique that uses the power of focused hypnosis to re-train your mind to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. It alters the way you think about food and gives very safe & predictable results. Ideal candidates for VGB are individuals with 4-5stones over their prescribed weight. We offer a 4session package for virtual gastric banding. For other clients aiming to lose extra pounds, we also offer a structured weight loss management programme.

What kind of fears & phobias can you help with?

We use tested NLP techniques supported by hypnotherapy where required to help you overcome fears & phobias that may be limiting your ability to function effectively on a day to day basis. These may include fears & phobias linked to flying, closed spaces, presenting/public speaking, heights, animals etc.

Can I give up junk food or sugar intake through NLP?

Yes. We can surely help you to stop taking the food & drink you no longer want to and help you get rid of cravings that you are not otherwise able to deal with.

What if I am not based in the UAE or UK?

We can offer support through video conferencing such as Skype, Zoom, Team Meeting etc..

What if I want to change or cancel my appointment?

We understand that there may be times when you are not able to keep appointments. For a full refund, please inform us of any change or cancellations atleast 48 hours before the scheduled time of the session. Change or cancellation made within 24 hours or less will be charged at 50% of the full session price. In case of no show, full session price will be charged.

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