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1. Picture Perfect

Weight Management Programme

Some say being overweight is being overlooked! But may it be weight gain or extensive weight loss, it is not healthy and requires immediate action. Drastic steps such as dieting, surgeries, crash gym, cardio etc. simply do not work without the right mindset. Picture Perfect - the weight management programme at Ashmir is tailored to alter the way you think and perceive food hence producing much greater and faster results. We offer the following at Ashmir:

Weight Loss  
Summer bodies are made in winter! Our food intake is connected to the way we process food & perceive the need to eat. At Ashmir, we use simple NLP techniques to help you get rid of the food cravings & addictions supported by hypnotherapy to eliminate the underlying causes for excessive eating. We establish simple goal with you to enable healthier behavior changes in life. So, whether you are looking to lose a few pounds to look good for an upcoming event or holiday or get rid of that stubborn weight or simply let go of food cravings & addictions for a healthier lifestyle, we can help you achieve your goals. After an initial phone consultation, we will develop a tailored programme to suit your individual needs which may be offered at discounted package prices of:

  • 4 session package at AED 1800 I GBP 360
  • 8 session package at AED 3200 I GBP 650
  • 12 session package at AED 4200 I GBP 850

    The most probable causes of eating disorders such as Bulimia is mental health condition and emotional traumas. NHS states that people who have bulimia go through periods where they eat a lot of food in a very short amount of time (binge eating) and then make themselves sick, use laxatives (medication to help them poo) or do excessive exercise, or a combination of these, to try to stop themselves gaining weight. Men and women of any age can get bulimia, but it's most common in young women and typically starts in the mid to late teens. After an initial phone consultation, we will develop a tailored programme to suit your individual needs which may be offered at discounted package prices of:
  • 4 session package at AED 1800 I GBP 360
  • 8 session package at AED 3200 I GBP 640
  • 12 session package at AED 4200 I GBP 840

  • Programmes & Prices . Stress

    3. Let It Go!

    Stress, Anxiety & Depression Management

    Stress is a natural "fight-or-flight" mechanism that can tell us when and how to respond to danger. However, if this mechanism is triggered too easily, or when there are too many stressors at one time, it can undermine our mental and physical health and become harmful.

    In today’s agile environment where things are happening at a fast pace, we face a number of stressors such as employment, money, relationship issues, personal experiences from the past and before we know it we find ourselves in a situation where we are not able to cope with simple day to day matters. The situation can lead to people not being able to get out of bed or function normally with the doom and gloom state of mind.

    Medication has its own side effects, hence, alternative therapies such as life coaching and hypnotherapy, due to the outcome driven nature, have proven successful in managing stress, anxiety & depression. At Ashmir, we focus on holistic well-being and take into account all aspects of a person’s life enabling better quality of life by facilitating small behavior changes.

    The 3 Levels of Stress
    We customise our "Let It Go"programme based on the level of stress you may be facing. There are commonly 3 levels of stress that are described below:

    1. Alarm/Warning level of Stress
    With level 1 stress, you may experience a panic attack or similar feelings of adrenaline rush causing palpitations and breathlessness. This is triggered by a specific stimulus at any point in time.

    Symptoms of level 1 stress must be taken seriously as an alarm or a warning as, if noticed at an early stage, it can be managed through simple yet effective NLP techniques, focused hypnosis & outcome driven life coaching. We run the following 2 types of programmes at Ashmir to manage level 1 stress in a quick & effective manner:

  • One 3 hour breakthrough session @ AED 1499 I GBP 300
  • 4 session package @ AED1800 I GBP 360

    2. Resistance Level of Stress
    If the alarming signals your body is sending go unnoticed, your body will naturally progress to the next stage of resistance. The parasympathetic system of the body tries to return as many bodily functions to the pre-stress levels, which all other bodily resources focus on next stressors or threat.

    The hormones released during this stage of stress can damage the body cells and when there is no time to recover body may react with fatigue, low self-esteem, laziness, body & head aches etc. To manage level 2 stress, we offer a minimum of 8 hour package at AED 3200 I GBP 640 during which we adopt a structured approach to resolve deeper embedded causes of stress.

    3. Burnout Level of Stress
    This is the most critical stage of stress which is known as burn out or complete exhaustion. In this stage, the symptoms can start reflecting a depressive state of mind with no desire to do anything, go out or socialise. It is difficult to get out of bed and the individual may experience anxiety & intense reactions to simple day to day situations.

    At Ashmir, we run a 16 week programme to help clients overcome level 3 stress using advanced techniques of NLP, hypnotherapy & life coaching. We offer our level 3 stress management programme at a competitive rate of AED 6899 I GBP 1375

    All stress management programmes will include suitable health assessments, supporting reference material. continuous remote support and any referrals to medical professionals, nutritionists, gyms & personal trainers etc. as they may be required for optimal results. Costs of any laboratory tests are included in this package price.

  • Programmes & Prices . flying2

    5. Be Free

    Get Rid of Fears & Phobias

    Fear of Flying  
    Overcoming a fear of flying takes a lot of courage and practice. Aerophobics have a hard time reconciling their fear with safety statistics even though they recognise that their phobias is not logical. It is important to understand the triggers to which aerophobics have become sensitized. The list of triggers is long and includes thoughts, images, sensations, memories, turbulence, take-off, landings, terrorism, crashes, social anxieties, or just being too far from home.

    Some people fear fire, illness spread through the air system, using the toilets, or violence on a plane. Others have a “bad feeling” about their flight, afraid that their anxieties will somehow predict a catastrophe. Someone who also fears heights might become terrified thinking about flying many miles above the ground.

    Hypnosis therapy and NLP are phenomenal tools for many people suffering from the fear of flying. For a long time, hypnotherapy has been used to improve lives globally, and eliminating fears is just one of the ways in which it changes lives. At Ashmir, we offer a well-designed breakthrough programme aimed at eliminating aerophobia in just one session!

    The programme contains several comprehensive steps consisting of NLP technqiues that work at the subconscious level to alter the way the individual visualises the situation and disassociates from reality to create a new reality that is free of the fear. NLP eliminates fears by specifically targeting the single thought process that causes a phobia. This is coupled with hypnosis therapy for relaxation, dispelling stress and tension and also to forms new thoughts in the unconscious mind to effectively eliminate the phobia.

    Our breakthrough session is ideal for an independent thinker who wishes to beat an irrational phobia once and for all. We test the effectiveness by accompanying the individual on a flight right after the session and the results are phenomenal!

    The session can run over 3 hours and is offered at a package price of AED1499 I GBP300. (*The costs of flights are not included in this price)

    Other Fears & Phobias  
    It is not uncommon to develop certain fears & phobias over a period of time. According to the DSM, specific phobias typically fall within 5 general categories:

  • Fears related to animals (spiders, dogs, insects)
  • Fears related to the natural environment (heights, thunder, darkness)
  • Fears related to blood, injury, or medical issues (injections, broken bones, falls)
  • Fears related to specific situations (flying, riding an elevator, driving)
  • Other (choking, loud noises, drowning)

    These categories encompass an infinite number of specific objects and situations. There’s no official list of phobias beyond what’s outlined in the DSM. People with anxiety disorders sometimes experience panic attacks when they’re in certain situations. These panic attacks can be so uncomfortable that people do everything they can to avoid them in the future and this is where we can help overcome fears & phobias in no time using simple NLP techniques and where required supported by hypnosis therapy.

    The number of sessions may vary depending on the nature of fear encountered. We offer single sessions @ AED 500 I GBP 100 or 4 session package at 10% discount for AED 1800 I GBP 360 to eliminate fears & phobias.

  • Payment Terms

    All payments are taken in advance in cash or via bank transfer before the session.
    We understand that there may be times when you are not able to keep appointments. For a full refund, please inform us of any change or cancellations at least 48 hours before the scheduled time of the session. Change or cancellation made within 24 hours or less will be charged at 50% of the full session price. In case of no show, full session price will be charged.

    Prices & Package List

    Following the advice of the government & public health authorities regarding social distancing and to combat #covid19, we are now offering all our sessions virtually through zoom & skype at a further 25% discount to the prices given below:

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