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1. Assistant Manager AlFuttaim Group Real Estate Dubai

“In this world; it is quite difficult for one to accept and acknowledge the fact that you can be depressed or anxious may be due to the fact that we need to portray ourselves as strong individuals. Just try and tell your family or friends that “Hey I was thinking of seeking help to curb my depression or anxiousness” ; well their reactions are so overwhelming, that you end up dismissing the thought of even talking about these things.
I had been doing that for the last 10 years of my life, I knew I had a past that depressed me and made me anxious every year at its anniversary, I didn’t know how to deal with it, I did all the above and kept silent. Trust me living with all these in my heart and not knowing how to overcome all these feelings and emotions that engulfed with every passing year was making me very hollow from within. But luckily, I happened to come across Ms. Sabahat Ahmed, who was referred to me by someone dear and known, for the first time after 10 years I could just talk to her fearlessly everything from my heart and my head to be precise with a comforting fact that I knew I wasn’t being judged. Being very honest and not an exaggeration, It has been definitely life changing and I have started feeling like a better person, started to love myself (which I feel is so essential and I lacked that) and have started handling things in a better way. I would say at the moment I am still working on getting better each day but sessions with her (NLP, EFT therapy and her reminding me of the wonderful things I have in life, which we always tend to forget) has helped me so tremendously that I could openly talk about my depression or my anxiousness and don’t consider as a taboo. I highly recommend anyone who is in a situation and would like to overcome all the negativity, fears and any depression, She is truly compassionate and goes an extra mile to do all it takes to make you feel better. So when there is chance to feel better..why not..try it ! U certainly won't be disappointed.”

2.Cabin Crew Emirates Airlines Dubai

“I had difficulty sleeping and anxiety in last few weeks, so I contacted Saba to do hypnosis. After one session, I could feel much better and since then I have really good sleep. I couldn't believe that it will work but session with Saba really helped me and I am grateful that I contacted her.”

3. Regional Manager AFGRE Dubai

“I was never a believer if such therapies however i thought I'd give it a go when I started to research into it more Sabahat is a professional and ethical practitioner who offered effective techniques to deal with challenges I was facing. Even having sessions on Skype while I was travelling helped significantly. My son has also had incredibly interactive and effective sessions with Aamir on his sporting dreams. Highly recommend Ashmir to help clearing any blocks in your life.”

4. Cyber Security Expert Canada

“I was initially skeptical of the concept per se. However, thoroughly loved the instructor and the engagement. Instructor is highly professional and methodical. Highly recommended.”

5. 26-year old on his journey to self discovery

“"In this day and age in which mental health is becoming an important issue (which has not been addressed for so long), life coaching can play a vital role in setting us on the right track. My experience with Ashmir Life Coaching has been nothing short of revelatory, as I received the professional consultation that I needed to get my life back on track. Highly recommended.”

6. 18-year old struggling to sleep

“Having a conversation with Sabahat turned out to be a great decision for me. I was having trouble sleeping but with her guidance I was able to recover within a few days. One thing I loved about her is that even when the sessions are over, she makes sure to keep a check on you and provides additional resources to help you through the process.”

7. Salon Owner & Mother of Two, Pakistan

I was always impatient whenever I wanted to lose weight and wanted instant results. But would get very disheartened after a few days when I did not see any promising results. I spent a lot of money on different diets, pills and what not but nothing worked. I had been a junk food lover with irregular mealtimes and on top of that a stressful work and home routine. More the weight I gained, more sad, depressed, hurt, hopeless and helpless I felt. I also felt incapable, unattractive, unwanted and neglected. I started avoiding social gatherings. What I failed to figure out was I did not have the right state of mind and was poorly motivated. Finally I planned to have the Gastric Sleeve surgery but that's when a friend recommended Sabahat Ahmed. Sabahat made me reconstruct my perception to food, weight and health. She suggested Virtual Gastric Banding instead of the high risk surgical procedure. After a lot of research and consultations with Sabahat, I decided to go for virtual gastric banding. It was the best decision I made! It was totally pain free with no adverse effects whatsoever and I felt the same effects that I had expected after the surgery. My cravings stopped and I was able to control portion size of my meals. Sabahat also introduced me to self help techniques like tapping to reduce stress levels and guided meditation to stay motivated, in addition to reviewing and adjusting my dietary and workout regimes. We agreed on simple lifestyle changes that made so much difference. The customized NLP techniques and hypnotherapy sessions Sabahat used for me greatly helped me in staying inspired. I started seeing results in the first week and with just 4 sessions, I have lost 11 kgs in 6 weeks and still going strong. sabahat has helped me change my negative feelings into positive ones and she helped me not to let negative emotions take over my state of mind and to love myself and work on making myself better for me. IT is a lifestyle change! My family and friends can see the change in me and appreciate it greatly. I strongly recommend Ashmir Life Coaching Practice and Sabahat Ahmed because she has inspired me and empowered me to stay focused and achieve any goals I set for myself.”

Success Stories . MK

8. Driving Positive Behaviour Change

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